What's in my bag?

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Well this is a long overdue. I was planning on doing this when initially starting out with the blog, but never found a good time to do it.

Because I'm moving to Berlin in a month, I decided to take a good look in my backpack and only include what I really need, or really want to have with my at all time. This of course came as the ideal excuse to take some pictures and finally post them here!

The backpack

My backpack is an older Incase City backpack. It's a great backpack in terms of comfort (well padded), look and water resistance. I bought some cool patches and sewed those one to give it a less dull look.

My Incase backpack

The backpack itself has a 15" laptop compartment and a lot of extra pockets for keys, notebooks and cables. I rarely use it, but the bottom padding at the back has a zipper so you can store stuff there too! It's really a pity they don't make these anymore.

What's inside?

In the past I used to carry a lot more stuff in the backpack but nowadays it comes down to this:

Inside of the bag

  • Electronics: Wacom Bamboo Spark, iPad Mini (unfortunately still the first model which I rarely use for stuff other than reading books or comics), cheap portable power bank (2-port with a 2A & 1A USB port), Sony HDR AS-10 & mounts.
  • Cables: A Cat 6e UTP cable with a Belkin Ethernet to USB 2.0 adapter (I use an Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adapter at home, the USB adapter is mainly for emergency network situations), Urbanears 1.2M MFI Lightning cable (seriously, ditch your Apple cables and get this one), Mini USB to USB, Micro USB to USB, Apple Earpods.
  • Accessories: Apple 5W USB charger, SanDisk 32GB USB3 Drive, Libratone 4GB USB2 (Promotional) Drive, MicroSD to SD adapter.
  • Offline material: Pocket Deodorant (regular size is a bitch to fit in with the rest), Moleskine Pocket notebook (blank), Devine notebook, Hay Line Dot notebook (blank), a train card for commuting between Bruges & Kortrijk, a biro, Blox silicone earprotection (these are cheap and work great!), Zara mini perfume, Kleenex (I'm a runny nose person), a mini screwdriver (lifesaver in those situations when you actually need them for a change), Laguiole Swiss Pocket Knife (super sturdy)!



To me this is the everyday toolkit. I'm pretty sure once I live in Berlin for 3 months I'll probably swap some stuff out for others though.