Thibault Maekelbergh

👋🏻 About

If you’re just looking for my resume you can download it right here.

Graduated at Devine in 2017.

I can’t stop learning new stuff. Docker, Rx, FaaS, Go, Python, it all interests me! Making and doing things with code is my long time passion aside from digging trough record crates trying to find some nice records for my ever growing collection.

Javascript is my goto language but that doesn’t scare me off from experimenting with Go, Python or Bash. I have a humongous appetite for anything devops and automation related, embedded or electronics. I run my own homelab and automate my house. I'm also always on edge to water my plants and to take nice pictures with my analog camera.

I previously freelanced at and NephroFlow, interned at Edenspiekermann in Berlin, and currently work at In The Pocket as the web technology lead and mostly enjoy coding React (Native) and advocating Design Systems.

Currently residing in Ghent, originally from Bruges and still true to this wonderful city. Lived in Berlin for a while, consider myself more Berlin than you, but I'm probably not. Plays a lot of loud techno music and spins records at home.