Thibault Maekelbergh


I maintain a pretty active portfolio of open source repositories on Github. The ones I really loved making are listed below, accompanied by some other publications I've made that I find relevant enough to mention here.

If you need a full overview of my Github projects, find me @thibmaek

Own projects

  • Ansible Infra - My collection of IaC configs in Ansible

  • Awesome Raspberry Pi - A curated list of awesome Raspberry Pi tools, projects, images and resources

  • cloud-fns - My collection of cloud functions

  • Gopherprint - macOS menubar app written in Go to monitor an Octoprint instance

  • homeassistant-conf - The code that powers my house

  • LED Strip Driver Calculator - PSU / usage calculator for adressable LED strips

  • Loco JS API - API wrapper for Loco translation system's REST API

  • pure-fun - A collection of Javascript pure functions/helpers with 0 dependencies

  • pyvrt - API wrapper to interact with semi-public APIs of VRT (Vlaamse Radio & Televisie)


I've contributed to the following projects, repositories or open source initiatives:


Publications & awards