Thibault Maekelbergh

🦠 Corona Routine

So by now, most people are staying in their houses, isolated from the rest of the world because of COVID-19 (Corona).

Yes. This sucks big time. I miss not being able to go to work and see and hear my coworkers. I miss not being able to jump on a train and visit my parents. I miss going to Delhaize for 1 hour because I find a new idea for a recipe or a product I haven't tried yet. I miss going to Dille & Kamille to buy stuff for the house. I miss going to physical record shops.

But we're all trying to stay sane and make the best out of it. It's possibly going to last for a lot longer than we've initially anticipated. Below are some of the things I do or plan to do, next to work and in the weekends to ease my mind and make use of all this time being home:

  • Making soup

  • Experimenting with making stock (like this one)

  • Finally catching up on magazines and books

  • Making ginger beer

  • Taking synced coffee breaks with my mom and brother over Facetime

  • Cooking some of the recipes from my recipe database

  • Updating this website's design + code

  • Getting up early and listening to the birds outside for 15 minutes before jumping into the shower

  • Using my iPad as a second screen with Sidecar, being able to move around the house from time to time

  • Playing boardgames

  • Adding tracks to my Rekordbox DB and creating new playlists

  • Going through records I haven't played for a while and relistening to them

  • Getting acquinted with Ableton to convert some vinyl-only records to digital audio

I'll update this list with anything new that pops into my mind. Feel free to suggest some stuff on Twitter