Thibault Maekelbergh

My workspace


A clean nightstand with the only the essentials. The iPad stand is a Bluelounge Nest has a tray for keys, earpods, etc at the back. iPhone dock is a Saidoka also from BlueLounge which I'm absolutely crazy about. Wood clock is from Kikkerland


I'm a pretty huge Audrey Hepburn fan so decided to decorate my room with some pictures of her and keep those monochrome tints in the other things on the shelf as well.

Wall cubes

These Ikea cubes are placed above the bed so I can quickly grab a book before going to sleep. The Kartell clock was my christmas present which I'm still in love with.

Cactus in washed paper bag

I like to put plants all over to place to give the room some color accent besides the mainly black & white things I have decorated it with. The lovely 'pot' is a Uashamama washable paper bag which I found in my favorite coffeeshop.

Organizers for my desk

These organizers really serve their purpose as they now keep all my papers which were straying around, neatly organized. The coasters is just a bunch of post it notes taped together with washi tape.

Peeloff sticker frames

Design is my passion but it can oftentimes result in having to spend a lot of money. Most things in my room (like this wireframe house) are dead cheap pickups from a cheap decoration store (Blokker). The paper frame that holds the photos are so great, they have a peel-off at the back to keep your photos sticked to the frame and they costed like 1 euro for a pack of six. They really liven up the room atmosphere.


When designing I mostly just open things up from Inboard and get my inspiration from there but sometimes I blank out and can't find it there. This supercheap pinboard serves as a backup in that situation, so that I can just glance up from my desk and look at some things I found in magazines, postcards or catalogs. It's also a huge plus since it gives more mood to my desk.

Ikea vinyl stand

I found out this neat trick to repurpose an Ikea tablet stand as a display for my current record. I was fed up with the lack of space when playing records and the currently playing record always ended up laying on my bed. Now I have a clever solution to not doing that and giving more flair to the booth.