Thibault Maekelbergh

Tour around the office

Haha good joke, we're all just stuck in our houses because of Corona, but then again memories of a real office workplace have faded and this has become my new In The Pocket office right now.

So this serves as a nice opportunity to show some of the things we did with our new appartment. Together with my girlfriend I'm renting a place at the top floor of a building. Located in a very calm neighbourhood just on the verge of Ghent's city centre.

When we moved in it was completly pristine. It's never seen any inhabitants other than us, and the equipment is all brand new. This gave us a the oppurtinuty to have a plethora of options on how to decorate the place.

This won't be a tour of my smart home or guided walktrough. Instead we just took some nice pictures (my girlfriend did) and I post them here with some context as to what nice things we like in the pictures.

Pictures taken with iPhones, 35mm film or a DSLR

our evening view
kitchen tomado rack
our amazing monstera, a while ago
my ficus variegata a while ago
reading nook record player
living room
barcart area
lucky cat