Thibault Maekelbergh

📝 Writing my bash course

I love bash. For me it is the most powerful language I have ever used. But unfortunately it has a very difficult syntax and concepts which confuse the hell out of me time and time again.

This course started as a way for me to have a reference to all the things I keep forgetting or need to refresh syntax-wise before I use them in a script or automation. I was getting a lot of positive feedback from friends and coworkers about my ability to use bash scripts as automations or to perform difficult (manual) tasks, and that they found it difficult to start writing scripts themselves.

That's when I decided that this course shouldn't be just a catch-all or notepad for my thoughts but something more structured which offers a simple way and examples of how to do things in bash or use certain patterns.

I'm currently writing this course on Notion and it live updates, I'll try to do my best to update it regularly. If you want you can see what I'm doing here and comment on it!